Exhibitor Spotlight – Nova Play Labs

Nova Play Labs

Our Mission is to create a place that meets the needs of the whole child.

PLAY: We are serious about play because play is important for children. We all know that play fosters imagination and creativity, and purposeful play can teach kids things while they are having fun. From the exhibits we have in the play area to the board games we play, each item has been chosen carefully with an educational purpose in mind. More information about our fees here.

LEARN: We believe that effective learning can take place when presented in a dynamic format. Our instructors are highly qualified and enthusiastic about what they teach.

GIVE: NoVA PlayLabs is an innovative learning center that cares as much as learning as it does about giving back to the community.  Any student enrolled in a class, regardless of age, can participate in service projects where they help various service organizations in the community.

For more information on NoVA PlayLabs:

website: http://www.novaplaylabs.com/

email: info@novaplaylabs.com

phone: (571) 250-7719

Exhibitor Spotlight – Royal Cyber Club


What activities will participants be able to experience at your STEM Fair Clifton Booth?

At our booth, participants will be able to get their hands on Minecraft mods that former students have created within the Minecraft Modding classes, which includes personalized swords, blocks, pickaxes, foods, potions, ores, gems, armors, recipes, and a lot more! This allows children to use their creativity and imagination to modify and program their Minecraft rather than just playing.

They’ll also be able to get their hands on our cool LEGO projects made by former students. Kids will be able to learn few robotics tips and tricks in an exciting, innovative and interactive way. Robotics combines LEGO® building, computer programming, problem-solving skills, and team work in a fun and a challenging environment.

Kids will also get hands-on-lab for 3d game design which lets them create a 3d game. They’ll be able to interact with extra ordinary games made by former students to recognize limitless possibilities. Kids will be able to play former students’ games, which allows them to see various level designs.

We are also setting up another corner in the room for all the kids to have fun playing on gaming consoles. In this zone, they’ll have access to wide variety of XBOX One and PS4 Console games, which is purely for their fun. This also excites kids into the STEM field since there are lots of different game challenges, which internally also lets them experience basic troubleshooting skills, and it teaches them the importance of teamwork.

Can you give us a brief description of your company, such as what types of programs you offer?

We empower kids to design, develop and code within our technology camps, competitions, after school programs, birthday parties, and more. With our competitions and seasonal camps, next generation of kids are inspired to become innovators, engineers, designers, mathematicians, architects, creative problem solvers and more!

Why is STEM an important part of our children’s education?

Our programs also allow children to gain the experience and skills that are needed outside of our programs such as safely connecting online on the forums, various conferences, summer camps, and a lot more. Nowadays, children use their knowledge of programs and games to communicate with others which allows them to network and keep-in-touch with others. Our STEM programs are geared towards helping children excel in any STEM fields, by equipping them with basics to advance level of real world problem-solving skills and team work in a fun and a challenging environment. Our programs develop children’s experience and the desire to continue in the STEM field in an exciting, innovative and interactive way.

For more information on Royal Cyber Club:

website: www.RoyalCyberClub.com

email: Info@royalcyberclub.com

phone: (703) 831-7310

Activity Spotlight – Plant it and watch it grow

Plants need food to survive, just like people, but instead of cooking their food in the oven or on the stove, they use something called Photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the process of turning water and carbon dioxide into food.  Plants take water through their roots in the soil and carbon dioxide out of the air through their leaves.  It then uses energy from the sun to mix them both together to make glucose, a sugary plant food.  

You will get an opportunity to plant your own seeds at the STEM Fair and take it home to watch them grow.  Don’t forget the main ingredients; water, sun, carbon dioxide and lots of love!

Exhibitor Spotlight – The Magic of Drew Owen



I perform in costume as the goofy wizard, Professor Fizzwiffle. During the show, the professor weaves stories of the wizard world into fun feats of magic such as magic wands that misbehave, disappear unexpectedly, or turn into snakes! The show uses tons participation from the children and they are always the heroes who help the hapless wizard make the magic work. Along the way, there are lots of laughs and great magic. Since I am also a professional musician, music plays an important part in my shows. I always do some routines to music and sometimes, real instruments appear! I think that both magic and music help develop creative thinking, which is a crucial part of success with STEM.  Come see the Professor Fizzwiffle Magic Show at 12:00 at the STEM Festival. 
My website is: www.DrewMagic.com also check out www.DynamicDuoandPresto.com, the site for my group, Presto! which performs educational programs in area schools through the National Symphony Education Department.The best way to reach me in by email: cellodrew@aol.com